We provide sourcing services for companies doing business with China. We enable our customers to achieve competitive advantage by working directly with Chinese suppliers

Our policy is to represent our clients in their own interests just as if were a purchasing department that was employed directly by your company. We can negotiate, define and contract the purchasing conditions defined by our customers and assist them for following their purchasing with the local suppliers.

Some of our services are as following:

  • Research
  • Factory Visits
  • Sampling
  • Quality Control Form
  • Inspection Reports
  • Chinese Guidance & Interpretership
  • Manufacturing Period & Loading
  • Loading & Transportation
  • Information Flow



Contacting various factories or providers in China in order to meet your requirements of raw materials, semi-finished or end products.



We check the capacity of the manufacturers or providers that are going to produce for our business partner. These checks are done by controlling the factual conditions, production line, equipments, quality of labour, raw materials, technological capacity, quality control systems of the workplace and any other important details necessary.



To provide samples from the manufacturers or providers due to your requirements with the most agreeable offers and present them to your approval.



We bring every information, every detail that you provide us together and create a quality control form. This form helps us execute the intermediate and end controls.

Intermediate Controls

To determine and execute the dates of controls due to your requests with the cooperative factory.

End Control

To end control the product considering the quality control form which is created on the account of the information given by our client and to supervise the loading after receiving the approval of our client.



We report the results of the inspections, done by our team, directly to you.



Whenever you visit China Republic, receiving a dominating service of guidance and interpreter ship to China and Chinese Language will make it easier for you to achieve your goals. One of the very important things you might need in China is an interpreter, if your English is not enough to help yourself. At the moment, English is not a common language in China, therefore you might need interpreting services.



To determine the most reasonable manufacturing period and dates of loading that the manufacturers or providers will present and report them directly to you.



To provide you the best service considering FOB, CIF, EX WORKS loadings, rapid transportation and best prices, through our cooperating firms.



Any information provided will be fully submitted to your company in time.