Wolsys Limited provides its clients any necessary support in order to keep them competing throughout the International markets.

With its low producing costs and a growing economy year after year, China, today, is one of the biggest exporting countries of the world. Wolsys Limited gets in touch with the leading manufacturer or consumer companies of the related sector, that its clients show interest. Following a careful research among these firms’ offers, the best matching products are selected and chosen. Our firm also provides samples from the suppliers due to your requirements with the most agreeable offers and present them to your approval. All these procedures are sent to the clients as a detailed report

Considering the product that our client decides to import, with our team dominant to China and Chinese language, we offer our clients the most powerful consulting services.

From the beginning till the end, Wolsys Limited takes care of the period of production, the quality of the product and loading procedures and lets you be informed by presenting you a full report about every step and gives you the chance to follow every stage.

When an end product is ready for loading and transportation, our firm contacts the related firms as soon as possible for a safe and a quick shipment.